Key Words

Regulate:  To control or supervise something by means of laws or rules.

Currency: A system of money, or the bills and coin themselves, used in particular country

Interest Rate: The cost of borrowsing money over a period of time or price that lenders charge borrowers for the use the lender's money 

Exchange Rate: The value of one currency against the currency of another country

Central Bank: A national bank that provise a financial and banking services for its contry's goverment and commercial banking system.

Monetary Policy: The way a central bank controls the amount of money in the economy at a particular time.

Fluctuate: The irregular rise and fall of a number or amount.

Speculate: The buy goods, shares, property, etc, in the hope their value will increase so that they can be sold for a profit.

Inflation: A general increase in the price of goods and services and a fall in the relative value of money.

Basis Point: A unit of measure used in the financial world to describe the percentange change in the value or rate of financial instrument.



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